Between the years 1965-66, he published several newspapers and magazines. He also wrote & directed theatre plays and established the ''Kocaeli Theatre". In 1970s he shot several short movies and wrote film scenarios. In 1978 he directed his first long feature film, "The Mine". The film created a sensational effect and won many prizes within the country and abroad. He moved to Paris in 1980 and worked as an actor, director and author for 7 years. He made two films for the French TV, FR3. He also performed as an actor in Philippe Nuil's ''The Tree Under Water". He moved back to his native country in the fall of 1987 and made at least one film each year : "Runaways Under the Rain", "Another Hope For Tomorrow", "The Film Is Over", "The Great Solitude", "Walking On Fire", " Two Women", "An Autumn Story", "Lobster Pot", "Anatomy of A Woman", "Anatomy of A Man" and "Dreaming Games". These films won numerous awards within the country and abroad. They were broadcasted in the commercial cinema halls and on televisions in France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Canada, Australia, USA, Egypt, Tunisia and Scandinavian countries. He was invited to conferences and meetings by numerous countries in the world and participated in many of them.

He is founder of the Turkish Foundation of Cinema and Audiovisual Culture which was founded in 1991.

Z-1 Film Studio

In 1995, he formed "Z-1 Film Atölyesi" (Z-1 Film Studio) and started a cinema education centre with 33 important faculty members. The school survived with 170 students without financial aid and education fee. He also gave them a chance to study cinema and to receive practical experience. He published a magazine called "Atölye" (Workshop). He also prepared "Saturday Conversations" in Küçük Sahne.

Chairmanship of the Directors Association

In October 1998 he was elected for the chairmanship of the Directors Association. He organized weekly seminars on "Turkish Film History" and also "Film Analysis" meetings on Fridays within the association's constitution. He is involved in the project for the film adaptations of 40 Turkish novels for the Turkish television, TRT. 

Theatre Studies

The theatre play "Herkesin Bildiği Sırlar" (The Secrets Everybody Knows) which he wrote and directed himself , began staging on the date of 5 March 1998. Another theatre play, which he also wrote and directed himself "Karşı Penceredeki Kadın" (The Woman at the Opposite Window) started staging on March 1999.





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